There are apps on Android for the bell kit! Just be sure to look up glockenspiel instead of bell kit, though. Android folk are fancy.

There you go!

Is there an app available for android that simulates a bell kit?

Anyone know? I’m personally an iPhone, not really sure about Android

Whats your IG? I need it for thelastmedia com

IG? If that’s Instagram, I do not have one for Percussion Problems yet.

You're one of the best percussion pages I've found. Thanks for the entertainment!

Thanks! I really appreciate it!

what i learned in marching band

freshman year: respect is never freely given.
sophomore year: the sousaphone is freaking heavy.
junior year: when life is good, don't ask questions.
senior year: everything good must come to an end. everything bad must come to an end. everything ends. the only thing you can count on is the metronome.


Watching percussionists in ensembles during concerts is so stressful like I always get so pumped full of adrenaline when I watch them and in my head I’m like gO GET THE thing—omG RUN OVER TO the other— ARE YOU COUNTing watCH THE CONDUCTOR omg RUN omg GO GET YOUR MALLET OMG omg omg omg MUTE THE GONG omg

Except this is real life in a percussionists’ head during a concert

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